Friday, December 27, 2013

Mortality in FatLand, and why it went way way down

As stated previously, mortality went way way down very soon after FatLand became a territory. It was probably getting lower even before that, but was tracked more closely after FatLand acquired territorial status.

When asked about the reasons for FatLand's extremely low mortality rate about 30 years later, one of the doctors on the FatLand Board said, "More than half of the reasons pertain to what we don't do. We don't: a) refuse patients care because they are "too fat" b) tell them to lose weight before treating them  c) stigmatize them by weighing them in front of other people - or weighing them at all, for that matter  d) ask them to squeeze into uncomfortable seats  e) provide them with hospital gowns that are too small and leave embarrassing gaps  f) tell them not to eat x, y or z foods g) assume that they are diabetic h) assume that they are or are not exercising a certain amount  i) criticize the way they look  j) tell them that they won't be able to get any partners  k) show disgust at their bodies  l) assume that they should receive any "average" amount of medication  m) overmedicate them because they are fat  n) undermedicate them because they are fat  o) ignore their own accounts of their experiences  p) act too busy to converse with them or answer their questions   q) assume they won't follow instructions  r) talk down to them  s) take their blood pressure with small cuffs, which would cause readings to be inaccurate  t) consider or call them lazy and unattractive  u) shy away from touching and comforting them because they are fat.

And this is of course just a recitation of what hospitals and medical centers don't do. Add: not being stigmatized or harassed when walking, working, playing, exercising, cooking. Add: being welcomed in any establishment, especially and including restaurants and food supply areas. Add: not being discouraged from exercising and other kinds of movement, especially but not only sports. Add:  not being forced to exercise or play. Add: being considered attractive and/or "normal" or in the swim of things by other people. Add: having access at any time to a counselor for any situation. Add: having a job for which one is qualified and not being discriminated against at work or in interviews for work and/or the hiring process. Add:  having a plethora of stores that carry one's size and an abundance of styles in that size and other sizes from which to choose.
Add:  not being made fun of in the drugstore when one wishes to purchase birth control devices or meds.
Add: not being made to feel self-conscious when one bathes or showers, in public or private. Add: And so many more..

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