Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The female character I wish I were

Angela, from FatLand (2):  The Early Days is the kind of woman I wish I could be.

Very dynamic, superknowledgeable about organizing things, determined, tough, cool. (The witty part we both have - or I like to think so).  Angela knows how to get her questions answered. She knows how to get people to do what she wants. She knows how to motivate people.

She is also a great speaker. I am pretty good, but I don't get much of an opportunity these days. In FatLand (2) she goes into the USA/Other side to speak to people who might be interested in settling in FatLand when FatLand needs settlers.

And yet, as I do/used to do, she falls in love with the wrong person. He is not willing to go out on an emotional limb, and neither is she.

And yet...she mourns when he dies for the rest of her days..

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