Saturday, December 7, 2013


It developed that in the time of their growing strength as a viable state, factions began to form along the lines of views of  gender orientation. The conservative FatLanders, of whom there were a growing number, were adamantly against making trans people a protected category.

Until they learned that two of the people on the present Board were trans. And not just any two, but two of the most prominent - the present Chair and the Vice Chair.


The more liberal faction had a field day with this fact. Then the conservative faction quickly found another issue around which to rally. Its leaders said that FatLand was paying too much unemployment compensation to those not employed, and that they should either have to work for it or face cuts in compensation.

The FatLand Board Chair, whom they had unknowingly attacked before they knew of her trans identity,  explained to them -or reminded them- that since all unemployed FatLanders go through counseling and sign up automatically to be informed of job openings, they really planned to work as soon as an opening came through.

The conservative faction then found another issue:  the lack of territorial sponsorship of Christmas Holiday Celebrations.

The Chair told them that they were perfectly free to mount any number of Christmas celebrations they wished, but that the Territory sponsored only Territorial celebrations, not religious ones.

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