Friday, December 6, 2013

Housing in early FatLand

In the very early days in FatLand (detailed in FatLand: The Early Days), many of those who wanted to live in what eventually became FatLand had only tents to sleep in. Those who had already built some kind of house took in refugees when they could. A lot of people worked very hard to put together temporary shelter and facilities for those who wouldn't be able to get housing for a while. In winter, early FatLanders took in as many people as they could.

There was a spirit of helping, but people found that it felt rather incredible to be able to help others -and get help from others- in a place and an atmosphere in which they knew they would not be taunted, harassed or otherwise stigmatized.

Thirty years or so later, some FatLanders felt nostalgic about those early days, the days in which they were all working to build houses and then to build FatLand.

One person voiced her disapproval of the slowness with which FatLand was building houses and roads and a viable water supply storage and pipeline. She felt that FatLand should have been a state instead of a territory. Many people argued with her and reminded her that being a state could easily have drawn FatLand into the Health and Diet Admin program, the very reason most of them fled.

Of course FatLand was voted into being as a territory in the territorial convention of 2014..

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