Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Resort for People of All Sizes

It is fun to play with the idea of creating safe spaces for people who don't believe in size-based discrimination, or sizeism/sizism.  That is at least part of the reason I wrote FatLand I and II.

But before FatLand actually begins or arrives or is created, I sometimes imagine a resort that caters to anti-sizists, people who do not believe in sizism.

You have your capacious lounge chairs. You have spacious elevators. Enough space between aisles at supermarkets and movie theaters. Ditto small specialty stores.

You have powered wheelchairs for those who need them, whatever their size. So the aisles have to be large enough to allow for these wheelchairs.

You have restaurants with waitstaff who don't make fun of people, whatever their size. Same thing with stores. Government agencies. Bus drivers. Amusement park staff. Oh, that's another thing. The rides would be safe and wide enough for people of all sizes.

But most of all, you have people who are tolerant. That's all it takes. Not sizist, racist, sexist, genderist or heterocentric.

Is that so much to ask?

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