Friday, August 16, 2013

Heroes, Sheros, Heroines and Villains

In FatLand I, there are a lot of characters, even protagonists, but there is no one outstanding heroine and no outstanding hero.  In FatLand II, there are fewer protagonists, and they stand out. But I am not sure if I would consider any of them a hero, a shero, or a heroine. One seems as if she could possibly and plausibly be a heroine or a shero or even both. But then...well, I don't want to spoil it :)

Sometimes I wonder if it is possible to have a hero, heroine or shero anymore. Actually, Elle Hill, the writer of the Hunted Dreams series, seems to be able to create strong wonderful women characters who are both heroines and sheros.  If all goes well tomorrow, I will be interviewing her and will post the interview here for your reading pleasure.

FatLand, however, does indeed have a villain. He isn't even an anti-hero. He is a villain through and through, and sometimes does go beyond the banality of financial manipulations to the evil of calculation and intent. Those who have read FatLand I will know who I mean.

And yet..he does a certain number of things that could be considered good and even necessary. No, no, am not going to say more. Interestingly, the villain is probably the only character to be present in FatLand I, II and III ( the last of which has not yet been written).

I do like villains. They are loads of fun to write about and with. Sometimes I think my muse is a villain who stands over me and sneers, "Oh, really? You think you're going to write today?" And I answer, "Err, yes."


  1. Villians are everywhere so I'm glad you embrace them. I love this Frannie.

    1. Thanks, dear :) I see you managed to comment :) I will check on formatting..

  2. Awwww! Thanks so much for the love and the shout out. I'm a pretty conventional writer in that I have a central character in my novels. My goal is always to highlight her differences, and/or the things we typically devalue (tenderness, fatness, plainness, differing bodily abilities, etc.) and demonstrating their beauty and possibilities.

    Good for you, giving your muse what-for. That's the gentle, strong Frannie I know. <3