Monday, August 12, 2013


As do many writers, I have fun inventing characters who are not exactly like me so I can occupy them for a while and see what it is like to be in their shoes. This way I get to be: black, Asian, male, bi, lesbian, a cat, an owl, snow, rain, a hill, a salad, a restaurant, a tree, a street, a bridge, a star..

I also invent a few characters who are a lot like me. These are the biographical ones. I like maintaining a balance between/among the biographical characters and the differentiated characters.

FatLand II: The Early Days is technically supposed to come out on October 1, but my publisher, Pearlsong Press and Peggy Elam, its owner, may move up the date to mid-September.

I would like to be:  a cat, a leaf, a cardinal (bird), a swan, a tiger, a meteor, a dangerous snake, a bolt of lightning, a rose, a train, a song.


  1. A story about being a salad. Best. Premise. Ever. :-D

    1. Should I write it or do you want to take a crack at it? (Hmm..cracked salad?)

    2. Cracked salad... has lots of nuts! Not that Frannie or Elle know anything about nuts, right?

    3. Cracked wheat, cracked nuts, cracked eggs..can't get any better, Anne :)