Sunday, August 11, 2013

Utopia and FatLand    August 12  1:09 AM

Some of you may know that my interest in utopian communities began very early.  It is one of my dad's foremost interests. He has an entire bookshelf devoted to them. One of my favorite trips was the fifth one or so that we took to Upstate New York, which included visits to two former utopian cooperatives - Oneida and the Roycrofters. We saw how their members lived and what they made to sustain their cooperatives - in Oneida, silver, and in Roycroft, furniture. Both are still in demand today and prized for their craftmanship.

FatLand is my contribution to works about utopian communities. It is surely where I would live, given the chance. No bias toward anyone on the basis of race, religion, sex, gender, ethnicity or size. Taxes paid mostly by the rich. Safety nets and job counseling for both the employed and unemployed. Paid job training.

There are quite a few gay people in FatLand I and II. I think I will put at least one transgender person in FL III. I kind of like the idea of someone who switches gender identities from day to day, but that is probably for a more science fictony type work.

Hunky men and hot women. Would love to include some kind of adult resort in FL III, but I don't know if the book wants one yet.


  1. I think often about what my utopia would look like. Not coincidentally, it would look a bunch like FatLand. ;)

    I read a sci-fi book about a person who switches sex throughout. It was an amazing premise, although I didn't like the author's execution. I want to say Sherrie Tepper was the author...?

    1. I would love love love to see a story exactly like that if it were done well :)