Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Heroes and Sheroes

As I type this, the Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin is quiet. Tomorrow it won't be. There will be more people singing, and there will be more people arrested for singing. They will be handcuffed and sent down to the basement to be processed.

In FatLand, both I and II, there are fat heroes and sheroes ready to risk their bodies and lives to aid those who are being harassed and/or arrested on the Other Side (read "USA").  Somehow in the past fifty years or so, "fat" and "heroes" have occurred but seldom in the same sentence. But they should occur more together. And they will.

In FatLand I, the Anti-Dieting Underground saves people who are about to be condemned to a Reeducation Center in the USA and transports them under cover to FatLand. In FatLand II, FatAir, the FatLand Airline, also hides those who are about to be picked up. FatAir disguises them, then  makes them employees of FatAir, or transports them to FatLand.

But FatAir also serves as a beacon of light and a comforter, a purveyor of sheer relief to FatLanders who have to go to the USA on business, but then are able to return. They even have ads to that effect. The pitch is that you are going from hostile territory to friendly territory the moment you get into the FatAir line. And they are not wrong.

I so wish I could offer these comforts to the people who are singing and getting arrested in the Wisconsin Capitol in Madison. But, like the members of FatandProud, the Fat Acceptance organization on the Other Side (USA), they would probably refuse to be saved, and would remain to sing and get arrested.


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