Saturday, August 10, 2013

Welcome to Frannie Zellman's FatLand Trilogy Blog

So...this blog is for people to comment on FatLand and the FatLand Trilogy. The main purpose here is to play with FatLand people and things.

Something I am "guilty" of is not specifying statistics and amounts of fat or heaviness. This is true. I do not intend to specify such things, ever. I leave these to readers' imaginations.

Something else of which I am guilty:  I do not make my characters self-hating. (For the most part.)  Most of them are empowered by their beliefs in themselves as capable and strong.  I don't do "weak". Frankly, I don't know how.

I do know how to do athletic, and I love the idea of fat athletics and fat athletes. I haven't done anything athletic for a long, long time, but a lot of fat people are going ahead and running and dancing and playing, and they are breaking many barriers. My hat is off to them.

I also love the idea of fat spies and fat vampires (a la Falstaff in Lynne Murray's "Falstaff Vampire Files"). There is a wonderful fat strong female spy in FatLand II. I don't intend to do any fat vampires because I could never come close to Lynne Murray's Falstaff. Nor do I want to try.


  1. I love all of Lynne Murray's books. Her Falstaff Vampire Files in the only vampire book I've ever read. I've never been interested in vampires. But I read Lynne's book because I've loved her previous books.

    Frannie, I assume you are being sardonic when you claim that you feel guilty or should feel guilty.

  2. The beauty of _FatLand_ -- one of the sources of beauty, anyway -- is the opportunity for fat folks to be heroes, villains, athletes, stay-at-home parents, etc. Too often in literature, fat representation carries a lot of weight (ahem, ahem) because we appear so rarely. _FatLand_ is a story that demonstrates the diversity of fat peeps, not just features one fatty who supposedly, as poorly represented individuals do for oppressed groups all the time, represents us all.

    1. I cannot believe that I did not see this before. Thank you.

    2. I cannot believe that I did not see this before. Thank you.