Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's out! It's here! The second part of the FatLand Trilogy - FatLand: The Early Days- is out! It is available from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Publisher: Pearlsong Press. It is, of course, by me :)

FatLand: The Early Days goes deeply into the history of the creation of FatLand. I don't want to insert any spoilers here, but it is at times moving and at times dystopic. Someone most FatLanders wouldn't think of in connection with creating their wonderful homeland actually had a lot to do with it.

There was also a lot of heroism -physical, political, emotional- that aided the creation of FatLand. And a lot of hard work by many.

FATLAND - Fat  Acceptance Territory Lease Acquisition No Date

You will see the FatLand flag on the cover :)

Also, as noted elsewhere, you will find the FatLand Anthem (in the back).

Join with me in singing the chorus:

Fat and free, fat and free –
We are proud to live strong, fat and free
As we go through our full days living our lives
As sons and daughters, partners, husbands, wives.

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