Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stadium, FatLand growing up

Now that the Health and Diet Laws have been rescinded by the USA/Other Side, and it is 2046, bands from the Other Side are very eager to play FatLand. But they must be screened by the FatLand Board to make sure that their members don't have any records of anti-fat actions or behavior.

So many venues to play in FatLand, including coffeehouses, of course. But the coffeehouses work better for smaller concerts. And now FatLand has to figure out whether to take a very big step and build a stadium that would furnish a venue for sports events and concerts.

I would probably say a reluctant "yes" if I were on the Board. I guess FatLand has to become more than a post-hippie cool fat persons'refuge. Oddly enough, Vesta, who is kind of a foil for all the earnest and probably correct speeches made concerning FatLand's territorial status, may have had the right idea in some ways, which was that FatLand needed more roads, bridges and infrastructure, the kind befitting a state and not only a Territory. She was right - just at the wrong time.

I may try to do her justice in FatLand III.

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