Sunday, August 25, 2013

Trains and Dress Laws/Chunky Dunking

I did not cover two (at least) areas in FatLand:  train travel and dress/exposure laws.

I love trains. FatLand is not a very large territory, but it does have trains. In FatLand II, the three archivists do take a train at one point. However, there should be more descriptions of train travel. I must remember to put at least two in FatLand III.

Most FatLanders may start out not wanting to show any of their bodies because they have been discouraged from showing them in the past. However, once they are encouraged and shown that their bodies are wonderful, desirable and attractive, they may think differently. I cannot imagine FatLanders running down the streets in their natural state, but perhaps near rivers, there may be some chunky dunking (our term for skinny dipping).

Another factor which would cause FatLanders not to be super quick to want to shed their clothes concerns the reports of what went on in the Re-Education Centers on the Other Side in the years right before FatLand was officially a territory. It is one thing to swim about on a peaceful beach without clothes. It is another to be forced to shed one's clothes at the behest of unkind authorities.

So there would need to be some comfort and perhaps PTSD/trauma help given before FatLanders felt free enough to frolic uncovered.

I so do not want them to be shy about or ashamed of their bodies. That may take a while. And a few campaigns and a lot of positive body imaging in schools and workplaces.

It could happen...

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