Sunday, August 25, 2013

After Midnight in FatLand

Once FatLanders started to feel secure that no one would ever belittle or degrade or make fun of them (third time, they toss you out of FatLand and you cannot get back if you are charged and indicted for hate crimes), they began to create and attend all sorts of events at night. They liked traveling to them as much as attending because they would bump into people they knew on the way. (Reminds me of Cambridge, MA in the very early 1970's.)

So more restaurants were started near concert and coffeehouse venues...which caused more venues to spring up..which caused more restaurants to get the picture.

Going out after a concert or movie became as much fun as attending the event itself, as well. And there were also all-night bookstores one could go to if one didn't feel like attending a concert. (Hmm..this also reminds me of Cambridge, MA in the 1970's.)

Sometimes, when FatLanders would get a bit juiced, FatLand patrols and security people at events would give them rides home. Getting a bit drunk was not deemed an arrestable offense. Even getting more than a bit drunk was not considered "actionable" if the drunk person didn't bother anyone.

The only problem, FatLanders believed, was that there weren't quite enough trains running after midnight (and that too reminds me of Cambridge, MA in the early 1970's..).

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