Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Availability and Fatopia

The paperback copies of FatLand: The Early Days (FatLand II) arrived today.

Every time I receive copies of a book I have written or a book to which I have contributed, I feel as if I am holding my baby in my hands. Laugh if you like..

The latest on FatLand: The Early Days (FatLand II) - from Pearlsong Press.

FatLand: The Early Days is available in original trade paperback from Amazon.comBarnes & NoblePowell's &The Book Depository (with free shipping worldwide), as well as directly from the Pearlsong Press store.
For the next three months the ebook is available only from Amazon's Kindle store. You don't have to have a Kindle reader to purchase or read the ebook -- free Kindle reading software for computers, smartphones and tablets can be downloaded from Amazon.
Kindle owners who are Amazon Prime members also have the option of borrowing the FatLand: The Early Days ebook from the Kindle lending library during the next three months, if they desire.
In November 2013 the Amazon/Kindle ebook exclusivity will end and the ebook will sold at Barnes & Noble, in the iTunes bookstore, and elsewhere -- including, of course, the Pearlsong Press store.
Read and share excerpts below from FatLand: The Early Days and FatLand, which is also available at Amazon and other online retailers in paperback, Kindle, EPUB and PDF formats. Keep up with FatLand Trilogy news at Zellman's blog.

This is of course my blog.
What is wonderful about the growing field of Fatopian books -books that take the reader to a land/utopia in which fat people are valued and happy- is that we all have different takes on what our particular fatopias would look like. Fatropolis, by Tracey L. Thompson, creates a fatopia in another dimension, just this side of New York/Manhattan, in which one falls through special portals in several places to the wonderful land of Fatropolis. 

One day, when fat people are welcomed and not told to change themselves into something else, all of the USA will be a fatopia.

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