Monday, September 2, 2013

Decisions, Decisions

There will be many decisions facing FatLanders in FatLand III, at least partly based on the history that has been uncovered for them in FatLand: The Early Days.

They will have to decide whether to let tourists into FatLand, whether to become, at long last, a state, whether to allow actual churches and temples and religious buildings (thus far they have let people hold services in their homes), whether to build more trains (oh, yes, yes, I hope they do - love trains), whether to start importing goods (thus far, not allowed, for the most part), whether to keep allowing gas-based vehicles, whether to allow food programs on their net streaming, whether to take sides on international issues, whether to allow movies, including erotica and porn movies, to be made in FatLand,  and whether to allow tourists to use their Adult Playground. Probably other things, as well.

A lot of the characters from FatLand: A Novel will come back. A few from FatLand II will find their way in, as well.

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