Saturday, September 14, 2013

Places for Fat People

In FatLand I: A Novel, I announce at the end all the states and cities that repeal the Pro-Health and Diet Laws which discriminate so completely against fat people. Madison, WI was one.

Four years later Madison, WI passed a law that stated that it was a violation of the law to discriminate against anyone on the basis of weight. Cool or what!

I have wanted for years to write a book or start a blog to figure out which states, countries and cities are best and easiest for fat people. In FatLand I, Germany and Italy are menitoned, but not France. India, until lately, was pretty good. Unfortunately now a lot of places in India are getting "western" ideas about fat people, and they are no longer valued in films. Jaya Prada, one of the most beautiful women in India, was an incredible dancer and on the heavy side.

So sad..

Boston seemed to be rather good for fat people because of its tolerance, but people keep opening and closing clothes stores catering to heavy and fat women.

Don't get that, either.

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