Sunday, September 1, 2013


I hope to feature the interview with Tracey L. Thompson, author of Fatropolis, tomorrow or the next day.


Winston Stark, the savior and would-be destroyer of FatLand, has a very twisted and ambivalent relationship with fat people, especially but not only fat women. Part of him seems to hate them and want them to change completely; he is, after all, the originator of the fitness franchise CompleteFitness.  He has a thin wife. On the other hand, the woman he really loves is fat. He spent millions on getting the infrastructure of FatLand into "shape."

He also plays weird games with FatLand immigration, one year letting people from the Other Side/USA emigrate to FatLand in relative peace. The next year, the boom falls, and it is very difficult to get through the USA checkpoints.

He has the beautiful fat dancer Amiyah killed because he is angry that her advertisement for GymNotTrim is taking away much of his own business. And yet he does not kill or turn in Dara, member of the FatLand Board, when he and his henchmen kidnap her from under the noses of the Health and Diet Authorities after she escapes almost certain death from a firing squad.

There are many people in the USA today who have this kind of ambivalence with fat and fat people. Love-hate. Respect/disrespect.

The solution to their inner turmoil is right in front of their eyes.

We aim to help them see it.

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