Thursday, September 12, 2013

Older people in FatLand

The older people in FatLand have it incredibly good and easy, as they should!

Since FatLand already has in place loads of facilities for mondo-sized folks (see FatLand II - The Early Days), they don't really have to do much to convert them for use by older people. And because older people are honored and respected and not asked to gain or lose weight and not asked to diet -illnesses that older people incur at times are treated by exercise, and - shock! fun, and have excellent safety nets and benefits in FatLand, they don't become stressed at the thought of retirement. Their healthcare is completely paid, they can get benefits for food, and even a couple of vacations. They can receive territory-funded housing if they wish. They can continue to work as long as they wish and receive benefits, as well. There are two resorts that cater to them. (There will be more, now that the Other Side has been freed from the Health and Diet Laws).

As  a result of non-stressed living, older people in FatLand also need fewer procedures and operations. They also have built in social networks so they don't become lonely.

And don't forget the Adult Playgrounds..

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