Monday, September 23, 2013

Making love fatly

A fairly thoughtful man just asked a fairly thoughtful question. He asked, "Do most men just want to poke women, or have some of them grown up along with you?"

This brings us to the subject of how we portray fat people as they have sex or make love.

I myself tend to describe curves and hills and valleys and softnesses. This does not mean that fat women cannot get fiery and determined and angrily passionate. It means that many of us are just learning how to talk about fat women as they make love. We are also learning, at the same time, to describe beautiful fat women, and the beauties of fat women. This goes for fat hot men, too.

There are other people who write about this. Hanne Blank is certainly one. Rebecca Weinstein and Virgie Tovar are others. Elle Hill/Lesleigh Owen certain does so, as well.

We have so much to learn about writing about sex fatly, about writing about fat people in sex and love.


  1. Susan Huddis KoppelmanOctober 2, 2013 at 10:51 PM

    This is a wonderfully interesting post. What do you think of all the fat porn available online? Is there fat porn in Fatland? If there is, who acts in it, who buys it, and does anyone make a living from it?

    1. Susan, I am sorry I did not see this wonderful comment earlier. There is fat erotica in FatLand. Porn? Maybe. But ironically it seems to be bought more by people on The Other Side/USA than in FatLand. FatLand people actually earn livings at producing it and writing it :)