Saturday, September 7, 2013

Seeing and Loving Fatly

Is there a way to see fatly? Sure there is.

One doesn't view things in straight, definable, crisp, finite lines. One views their possibilities, unusual angles, colors that shade into other colors, dreams that curl around them, memories that they carry.

Is there a way to love fatly? Sure there is.

One doesn't start with a list of what one wants or doesn't want. One starts with someone - this one!-  in all her or his potentials, strangeness, excitement, sadness, archness, intelligence and mystery, always mystery. There are no edges. There are journeys of discovery, sometimes shocking. Emotions adhere. A voice thrills. He shakes his hips and you're dying into ecstasy. She recites a theorem, winking, and you're lost.

It is not a body, not a thin or fat body. It is what the mind frames inside the body. The body, thin or fat or in between, is merely a frame of reference. Kind of like a card catalog used to be.

To love fatly, you do not have to have a fat body (although sometimes it is nice to have one).

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