Sunday, September 15, 2013

Trampo Bed, Cat Hotel, Mr. and Ms. FatLand

In the Adult Playground in FatLand, there are wonderful places to lie down. The most popular one, however, is the Trampo-Bed, which is part bed and part trampoline. It causes people who lie down on it to bounce toward each other. It occupies almost an entire room. It is a lot of fun. Also facilitates making friends.

In one hotel in FatLand, one can rent a cat, whether for the day or night or both. One stipulation:  the cat cannot be taken off the premises. Some people reserve their cats in advance. This set-up was, of course, copied from a famous hotel in Minnesota on the Other Side/USA.

Up until recently, FatLand avoided the pressure to launch "Mr. FatLand" and "Ms. FatLand" contests. However, in FatLand III, the issue comes up in a way that forces FatLanders to choose whether they will hold and host such events.

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