Sunday, September 29, 2013

Reclaiming "fat"

One of the things NAAFA stated some years ago was that they wished to reclaim the word "fat" and its use.

This is, not coincidentally, one of the things that the founders and builders of FatLand wished to do, as well. They especially wanted their children to be able to use and think of the word "fat" as neutral to positive - something they could all say without it becoming a negative or negative meme. As a matter of fact, one of the things that the early settlers, founders and builders found they had to do was set up positive memes for "fat" and its usage(s).

To that end they held a sign/graphics/poster contest. The winning poster portrayed a circle of dancing children and adults of all sizes. That of course was just one step in their effort to surround their children and the population with fat-positive memes.

In the real world today of the USA, we are just getting started with fat positive memes. Some posts and posters show fat people smiling, in sexy poses, in clothing that emphasizes their curves instead of hiding them. The next step, I think, will be to show fat people in nice casual clothing or attractive professional clothing. The second generation of memes will, I hope, bear the message that fat people are simple, well, people who happen to be fat, and have the same thoughts, concerns and ideas as others. Which, of course, should be evident, since according to those weird statistics that different organizations cite, 65 percent of Americans are "overweight" or "obese." So yes, the majority of Americans have the same concerns as the minority? Hmm..that sounds weird when it is written.

But in FatLand, people don't worry about what the "minority" of non-fat people think.

They don't have to.

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