Thursday, September 26, 2013

FatLanders Who Chunkydunk

Those FatLanders who are lucky enough or curious enough to find their way to the GymNotTrim Franchise may also participate in the Clothing Optional Swims Under the Moonlight in summer months. (They are held at an outdoor pool.)

And those of you who were lucky enough to participate in skinnydipping and now, as we call it, chunkydunking, are aware of how free you felt when you were swimming without clothes. I certainly adored it. You know something? I wasn't even thinking about my body when I was swimming in that cold cold natural spring water in an area near New Paltz, NY. I was just thinking how wonderful it felt not to have to wear a swimsuit. Swimsuits emphasize parts of one's body in order to sexualize them. When you're not wearing anything, you're not an object. Your body is not separated from anything. You are whole in it, not divided like your dinner.

In FatLand, people learn that their bodies are naturally good and free and easy when they are not wearing anything. They are not the sum of body parts. Their fat bodies are fine and appreciable for what they are and what they do, which includes breathing, laughing, shivering, sleeping, tickling, making love and so many other things.

 The song "I'm Free" by The Who comes to mind.. "And I'm waiting for you to follow me."

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