Tuesday, September 24, 2013

FatLand and Weight Stigma Awareness Day

Today is Weight Stigma Awareness Day. They don't have this day/commemoration in FatLand. They don't need it. As a matter of  fact, people are more apt to celebrate lack of stigma - all the time, since there isn't a particular day for it. They also celebrate health all the time, simply by doing what they wish and with ease and gusto.

GymNotTrim, Sandor Foreman's gym franchise, certainly goes out of its way to celebrate. It features, among other things, optionally clothed midnight swims, as well as optionally clothed volleyball games. We can joke about this, but GymNotTrim's activities actually help fat people to appreciate their own bodies and those of other fat people. They appreciate what their bodies do for them as they swim and play volleyball and ski and ice fish and play tennis - whether clothed or unclothed. (A few FatLanders are determined enough to jump into the lake in winter; FatLand has its own Polar Bear type club.)

Weight stigma hurts all, regardless of how much they weigh, because it means that even slim people live with the threat of getting fat hanging over them. Lack of weight stigma helps everyone because then no one worries about weight.

And not worrying about weight adds more peace and contentment to your years than any diet.

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