Sunday, September 8, 2013

Health and Fat Friendly Fiction

So I read in a Facebook posting today that Fat Acceptance blogs can make people healthier.

I think I kind of know the ones they had in mind, and they may not have had much to do with fat acceptance fiction or poetry. On the other hand..what can be more acceptance and health enabling than Fat Friendly Fiction? Make that FFF.

FFF does something that most novels don't do. It shows and portrays fat, strong, sexy people of all sexes and orientations. It also offers up the journeys of fat protagonists from self-hatred to self-esteem and confidence.

And it shows fat people having fun. Oh, gasp!  That the fatties could be anything other than miserable and ashamed of their fatty fat selves. Shocking proposal. Radical.

And wonderful. Part of what is behind the Adult Playground that will appear in FatLand III.

Here is a list of fat-friendly fiction from Pearlsong Press and Lynne Murray, author of the Josephine Fuller Books and the incomparable Falstaff Vampire Files.

I feel healthier already..

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