Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Love interest

Another nice thing about living in FatLand is that the inhabitants have a lot of time to go to concerts, plays, games, amusements and all kinds of fun of their choosing.

They also have time to write. They can now write feisty and sexy fat characters into their poems, plays, novels and graphic novels. It is both liberating and life-affirming to be able to think of yourself as a sexy, complex character, or the kind of character who can send your love interest(s) to his or her or their knees.

They can be heroes. They can be villains. They can be the unrequited love interest in songs written by twenty somethings. They can be the fascinating character in the movie whose motives one can only speculate about.

But best of all, they can star in their own romances and involvements. And can stir up a little emotional mayhem if they wish.

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