Sunday, September 22, 2013

FatandProud and the Sleep Bringers

In FatLand, an organization called FatandProud stands up for Fat Acceptance and tries to watch over its members during the autocratic reign of the Health and Diet Laws. If possible, it gets members who have been warned by the Health and Diet police to FatLand, or at least to a FatAir location where they can either get to FatLand or become staff members of FatAir, where they are guaranteed immunity because the USA does not recognize FatLand as a sovereign territory. Thus the USA is not allowed to enter any office of FatAir, the FatLand airline.

FIN, the FatLand Intelligence Network, is able to help FatandProud in certain ways. But mostly they themselves do the nervewracking work of keeping track of and keeping in touch with their own members. FatandProud also keeps track of members who have been prescribed certain weight drugs by the Health and Diet Admin and thus can't go to sleep easily or at all, which does not do a whole lot of good for their blood pressure or general health. FatandProud helps them so they can go to sleep - sometimes by giving them certain meds (mainstream and homeostatic), sometimes by getting them a cat or dog, which helps them relax, sometimes by singing to them or simply staying with them until they fall asleep. 

The FatandProud subgroup that helps people fall asleep is called the Sleep Bringers.

Hmm. Sounds like a good title for a book..

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