Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Mondos

There is a reference and a description of a protest movement of those who call themselves the Mondo-Sized in FatLand 2: The Early Days. Stark is of course behind it because he wants to get Angela out of FatLand; he considers her a troublemaker, although her conviction and easy repartee  amuse him. So he maneuvers and spreads rumors among Mondo-sized people that Angela and the FatLand Board don't care about the concerns of the Mondo-Sized.

This of course is not true. Angela is/was in love with a Mondo-Sized man, one of the characters in FatLand 2 named Paul. Paul is brilliant, somberly articulate, with a grimly sharp sense of humor. Angela's good friend and colleague Karen is also in love with him. He is responsible for a lot of the programming that runs agencies in FatLand.

But Stark spirits him away, gives him training so he can walk again (he had been in a wheelchair) and a series of attractive trainers. He lives well in Stark's fortress-like complex in Colorado. Angela feels he is happier there and does not try to see him. However, her friend and collaborator Karen does try to make her way to see Paul, but freezes to death in the fields near the complex.

The Mondo-Sized folk have been on many diets, gained weight through prescribed meds, or are naturally fat. Their weight category is around 350-400 and up. What is ironic is that after a generation in FatLand, there are many fewer Mondo people. Some speculate that this is because dieting is all but forbidden in FatLand, so people don't yo yo and diet their way down, then up to a weight higher than their original one(s).

Ironically, Stark is probably right. Their needs really may not have been seen to by the FatLand Board. After the Mondo protests, facilities, bathrooms, seats, transport and even gyms are built for them. A Mondo person is now put on the FatLand Board.

Stark of course finances most of the new Mondo-friendly facilities. The deal is that if he does so, and ends the protests, Angela will leave town. She does so.

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