Wednesday, September 25, 2013

FatLand and teaching

I have not spoken much about kids in FatLand in this blog, but they are quite prevalent in FatLand, especially in policy formation about teaching guidelines.

There is a lot of discussion among FatLanders as to how their children should be taught. As a  matter of fact, they try to find textbooks they can use to teach their children, books they feel will be free of anti-fat bias or stigma.

Guess what? They can't locate any. Even when the books don't belittle (!) fat people, they use cliches and expressions that do so: "trim the fat from the budget." "Thin out that prose."

So they end up having to write their own textbooks. And even then, they have to figure out how to present history and culture without stigma or prejudice against fat people. But even more important is the mythos, the entire reason for FatLand's existence.

And this, they find, is not as straightforward as they thought it would be.

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