Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Amazon glitch, Love Your Body Day

Today was supposed to begin the offer of a free Kindle FatLand: The Early Days on Amazon. It seems that this is not happening, for some reason. I am really sorry. It was so much fun to publicize, and I loved the idea of being able to offer it for free for five days, in honor of Love Your Body Day.

But let us think about Love Your Body Day.

So many negative words about our bodies, especially but not only women's bodies, and so much negative energy attached to words about our bodies has crashed into the ethos that it is no wonder that almost all of us hate our bodies unless we actually make the effort to talk to people who believe otherwise. It is a radical notion, not to compare our bodies to those on the covers of magazines, until we learn a) that there is NOTHING WRONG with any body shape, and that b) even the women on the covers of these magazines don't look like they look there. Airbrushed and photoshopped out of their natural appearance, they become something resembling mannequins - wait, they ARE mannequins, in a way. Just slightly more lifelike than the ones in the windows.

So whether or not Amazon fixes the glitch that caused FatLand: The Early Days not to switch over to "Free" for five days, we can certainly honor Love Your Body Day -today, October 16- by thinking about how wonderful it is that bodies DO come in all shapes and sizes, and honor FatLand itself by being glad that it exists for people who do *not* believe in body hatred!

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