Friday, October 25, 2013

If fat people are not stigmatized..

Another area I didn't cover in FatLand 1 or 2 is sleep apnea. I have a strong feeling that a lot of the stress which led to fat people getting so-called metabolic syndrome will be completely removed, thus causing a lot of people in FatLand to be relieved or even cured of their sleep apnea.

I just keep wondering how far this can be pushed. I do talk about lower mortality rates in FatLand than even on the Other Side/USA because stress is lower, safety net is much better (health insurance is single payer and unemployment comp kicks in the minute one stops working for as long as one doesn't work) and people are just happier (camaraderie helps). But lipedema? Diabetes? Heart disease? Yes, the research shows that where fat people are not stigmatized, their rates of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are no different than those of the non-fat population, however that is calculated. Stigma causes the same syndrome that supposed "fat" does.

And once the stigma is removed..

Maybe, maybe, we will all live as if it never existed?

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