Wednesday, October 9, 2013

FatLand: The Early Days, Love Your Body Day, and a love note to her body from Frannie

FatLand: The Early Days, aka FatLand 2, will be featured FREE on Amazon Kindle from October 16-October 21 in honor of Love Your Body Day on October 16. I like that for a few reasons. Not only do people who have not yet read FatLand: The Early Days get to read it free, but FatLand 2 does indeed honor and offer up people who love their bodies and other people's fat bodies.

How does one love one's body? Does one give it chocolate and roses and perfumed lotions? Does one write little notes to it and tell it that you have a date with it and are going to do amazing things to it later on? Those are certainly two ways to love one's body.

One might also consider writing a letter to it.

Dear Body,

You and I have been together for more than 59 years. In that time we have been appreciated and vilified and yelled at and smiled at. We have been in many places that we liked and quite a few that we hated. We have tried on clothes that made us feel very good and clothes in which no one could feel good, not even the people who modeled them.

We have hugged those we treasured. We have cooked together and written together and thought together. We have felt breezes softly invading our every pore and heat pouring down into every crevice. We have braved torrential rains and laughed through snowfalls.

Look, you know I haven't always liked the way you looked. There were so many times along the way when I didn't know better and tried to starve you. You told me very plainly, each time, that this was not going to happen, and made sure that you gained back all the weight, and more, that I lost by not giving you what you needed.

But now that I have made my peace with you, body, I want you to know that I rather appreciate your sticking with me all this time and breathing and walking and eating and thinking and, yes, loving. There are people we treasure, although we don't know how long they can be with us. For them, body, let's try to stay more or less happy and get some sleep and not yell at ourselves when we don't do all that we think we should have in a given time period.

Let's hold them close and tell them they are precious to us. And body, I know you are saying, "She whats me?" And I say, as per Fiddler On The Roof, "for 59 years, I've cooked your meals, sat with you, starved with you, fought with you, had your brainchldren (aka books), shivered through cold, sweated through heat, walked through green grass and autumn sun. If that isn't love...what is?"

Hugs, body. And thanks for all the memories.

Love, Frannie

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