Sunday, October 20, 2013

Two and a half hours left

Two and a half hours left to get your FREE copy of FatLand: The Early Days on Amazon Kindle.

The promo was unexpectedly interesting. It gave me a chance to reach out to friends instead of  staying holed up in my own corner.

It was also fun writing some of the ad-like posts. If it were to last longer and intersect with Halloween, I would write some zombie and vampire posts, even though there are no zombies or vampires in FatLand. Hmm..Stark might come close, though.

I hope that everyone who got a copy is enjoying FatLand: The Early Days.

It was also fun to see the FLTED's Amazon rank keep getting lower (that means more books sold). It has mostly gone back down now. But that's how it goes.

I would like to thank everyone who reposted links, offered encouragement and took the time to comment here.

And when you're finished reading, please question or comment here.

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