Monday, October 7, 2013

FatLand and older people

My mom's stomach was upset today. At least I hope that is all it was. She is 85, and I get anxious every time she gets some kind of health problem, even if it is temporary. She already has enough of them.

In FatLand, insurance, which is single payer, covers all care needed by older people because it covers all care needed by everyone. Thus there is no schism between "them" and "us" because there is no "them" and there is no "us." Everyone receives care in her or his own home. There are also a few communities which cater to those over 70, and a few that cater to those over 90. There are three Mondo communities, as well, which cater to the Mondo sized.

People can work as long as they wish, as well.

The nicest part of all of this is that in FatLand, no one is ridiculed as she or he gets older. For anything.


  1. I wonder why there would be age-segregated communities in fatland, just like there are here in shitland. I am now 73 and I would like to be living somewhere that children live, too. People of all ages.

  2. There are often people these days who like to live among others of their own age. (You've been to Florida and New Jersey, right?) I assumed that there would be people who felt likewise in FatLand - but perhaps a smaller percentage because older people who happened to gain weight would not be shamed there.