Sunday, October 6, 2013

Back stories: Escape from the Other Side

There are so many wonderful back stories to FatLand, including some escape attempts from the Other Side with the help of FatLanders and FatandProud, the organization on the Other Side responsible for sending members and others to safety when they had been assigned to Reeducation Centers.

Today's Fat Poets Speak blog entry is a poem by a FatLander who is remembering her escape on a flight arranged by FatAir -FatLand's airline- FatLand, and FatandProud. It was kind of a daring maneuver by FatAir and FatLand because if it had been discovered, FatAir could no longer have flown in US airspace and its license would have been revoked. Thirty refugees piled into a FatAir jet that also included other, non-Americans and non-refugees. As soon as she counted all of them and made sure they were safely aboard, the captain took off.

The escapees/refugees cheered loudly and long when the plane touched down. Some of them cried.

It was only known later that FIN, the FatLand Intelligence Network, orchestrated the entire proceeding.


  1. It's fun to read these posts.

    And here's a link to my fat book.