Friday, October 11, 2013

Pets in FatLand

Pets weren't given top priority over the first few years in FatLand. But then, when things settled down, it turned out that many FatLand pets had the same issues as FatLand people; they were pushed to lose weight when it just wasn't necessary.

FatLand started to offer veterinary services as a profession for which people could train at various levels when they were unemployed or when they wished to switch professions. It became one of the most popular career switch alternatives and training modules.

FatLand also built quite few dog parks. Their veterinarians felt that cat parks wouldn't be a big draw, but it turned out that there were several hills that cats liked to frequent when they went out. So FatLand set an informal watch on favorite cat haunts, just to make sure that the cats remained safe and to feed any that seemed hungry. There was a heated debate over whether stray cats should be trapped and sent to cat shelters, but it turned out that there were so many cat enthusiasts in FatLand that none of the strays stayed strays for long. They were brought to veterinarians, checked, spayed or neutered, given FatLand cat collars and lots of good food, hugs and room for playing.

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