Saturday, October 19, 2013

Another good reason for FatLand

Yet another wonderful thing about FatLand: If you make a friend, you're not afraid that you'll lose the friendship if someone starts referring negatively to fat people. I say this because today, someone suggested that I join his circle of musical friends. We are all interested in folk music, in listening to it and in some cases, in writing, whether music or lyrics. Great.

But I know very well that the minute one of them makes a nasty comment about fat or fat people or weight, I will be on the defensive. And if I can't convince him or her that such comments are unwarranted and bigoted, I will probably have to leave.

Once upon a time people just swallowed such comments, smiled and felt awful. Not any more.

I actually added Fat Acceptance to my profile on FB a few weeks ago.. I hoped people would understand from the entry that I will not tolerate bigoted remarks about fat people, about my own body, for that matter. It has not worked as well as I wished.

Yet another good reason to have FatLand..

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