Friday, October 4, 2013

FatLand, Fatropolis and weddings

In Fatropolis, the story of a bright, attractive fat woman who finds her way into another, fat-welcoming dimension via a portal in a clothing store in Manhattan, Tracey L. Thompson does some really scrumptious things with weddings. I am slightly embarrassed to note that weddings have not played a very large role in my life, so I don't tend to think about them a lot. (When my partner and I married, we did so at City Hall. I think he went back to work and then I went back to work that day. No, actually we went back to work the next day. No honeymoon, either.)

But perhaps they deserve to be thought about. In FatLand 3, a couple of wedding halls will make their appearance. Previously people received licenses through the FatLand Board and held wedding parties in their own homes. But FatLand is growing up now.

Perhaps it deserves to have places in which brides can wear lacy, frothy, silken veils and gowns and trains and carry flowers and throw the bouquet and compile wedding albums and such.

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