Saturday, October 12, 2013

FatLand fantasy

I like many kinds of men, and for many different reasons. (No, I did not sample that new drug called "Lybrido.") And yes, I'm talking emotionally, romantically, sexually here. This does not mean that I feel compelled to do anything about my feelings most of the time. I imagine that some of these men like or would like me, and some wouldn't or don't. That's the way the cookie crumbles.

But I do have a special FatLand fantasy. It was covered partly in FatLand 2; Angela, one of the female protagonists, is in love with Paul, a brilliant Mondo sized man with a keen sense of humor and elegant sarcasm. She sort of tries to tell him. No more, or it would spoil the rest of the story.

Karen -Angela's close friend, and the person who co-produced the show "Living Fat and Happy"- also falls in love with Paul. Will not say more about this, either.

Jimmy, the great communicator of the house in which "Living Fat and Happy" takes place, at first considers Paul a rival, then starts to respect and appreciate him.

Mondo-sized - weighing more than 400 pounds. I have loved a couple of men who fit that description. (Um, not at the same time..although that could have been interesting..)

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