Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gay and transgender people in FatLand

I have not spoken much about gay people in FatLand.

There were certainly a fair number of gay people who came to FatLand in its earliest days. As a matter of fact, there were four gay people in the house in which the participants in the TV show "Living Fat and Happy" lived, the original FatLand House - two women, two men.

FatLanders of course in the early years had many other battles to fight than that of gender orientation and identity, so they may not have cared much about it when they were  trying to get FatLand built and negotiating so that it would maintain its status as a sovereign territory. But somehow it didn't really come up that much later, either. FatLanders seem(ed) to be a pretty tolerant bunch, which is just as well. I did not deal with, say, public displays of affection or gay gatherings or bars. I think that will belong to FatLand 3.

And transgender people weren't mentioned at all in the first two volumes of FatLand. They will play a larger role in FatLand 3, as well.


  1. I was quite pleased with the number of queer peeps in both of the novels as well as your representation of them. How awesome to have a good, meaty trans* character in a good book! I can't wait.

  2. I am so looking forward to doing a good, interesting, complex transgender character, Elle!