Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dystopian novels??? No - Fatopian! Glitch has been resolved.

Kind of fun. In the new classification, FatLand is listed as a "dystopian" science fiction trilogy. Funny. I thought that FatLand was a utopia, or a "fatopia," a wonderful word and description coined by Tracey L. Thompson, of Fatropolis fame.

The part that is dystopian is the Other Side/USA. They maintain a rigid hold over laws purporting to be related to health and diet, which of course cause many fat people to flee to FatLand. FatLand, it seems to me is a utopia of sorts, a "fatopia."

The more I think about being able to live in a place in which I am accepted and welcomed in spite of my shape or what I weigh, the happier I am when I think of living in FatLand.

The glitch from yesterday has been resolved. FatLand: The Early Days is inded available in Kindle on Amazon for FREE. However, you have to enter "FatLand: The Early Days" in Kindle Store.

For fun, go down to where the rank is listed and read what it says :P

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