Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sports and FatLand

Sports were never absent from FatLand. Even in the very early years when there were no organized leagues, FatLanders played on their own teams. FatLand men seemed determined to prove that they could be as athletic as their slimmer counterparts on the Other Side. FatLand women, free of the stigma which haunted them as they tried to exercise and participate in sports on the Other Side, exulted in feeling their bodies move.

Ironically FatLand served as a refuge for the football players whose BMI's were considered too high for health on the Other Side during the sway of the Health and Diet Laws. Some of them had trouble adjusting to life in FatLand and to observing the rules pertaining to not harassing FatLanders. Others adjusted beautifully. Although FatLand did not have formal relations with the Other Side/USA for a long time, their sports teams participated in Olympic and international games, with the FatLand team crushing the USA team in American football. High schools in FatLand gleefully boasted of their teams on websites and provoked angry putdowns from USA teams.

This ended up being one of the roots of anti-fat sites on the Other Side, one of which was to prove fatal to Amiyah, the beautiful Egyptian belly dancer who toured often in FatLand.

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