Monday, October 28, 2013

Cat show?

There is debate, even now, on whether to allow a cat show in FatLand. Dog people have parks dedicated to dogs, the cat people say. What do we have?

The thing is, though, that FatLand, until now, has tended to downplay competitiveness in most of FatLand life. For instance, FatLand does not allow ads that bash other companies or concerns. (Since FatLand has not had political parties until now, campaign ads have not been a problem.) Even in sports, FatLand tends to emphasize team efforts by FatLanders that allow them to take on other teams.

So the cat people who wish to initiate a cat show in FatLand are in a way going against the grain. And the FatLand Board is afraid that this kind of competitiveness will lead to things like a Ms. FatLand and/or Mr. FatLand pageant, which is what some of its citizens are already discussing.

What will happen? Will FatLand get a cat show? Will there be FatLanders striding up and down the stage singing or playing an instrument in pursuit of the Ms. or Mr. FatLand title?

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