Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Punishment for Diet Haranguers in FatLand

A hypnotist who did parties and gatherings tried to hypnotize me into losing weight and following a "good" diet when I was 17 by trying to suggest to my semi-conscious mind that since I liked fruit, I should eat a lot of it.

This reminded me that FatLand has clearly indicated punishments for people who try to harass or shame anyone for his or her weight in FatLand. However, the line drawn between "diet" and "eating healthily" is not quite as clear. I am thinking now that it needs to be made a lot clearer in FatLand 3. The problem of course is that here in the USA, or in the world, for that matter, there is no such thing as the one perfect diet for everyone to follow, whether for losing or gaining or maintaining or just being healthy (however one defines healthy, and even that is not superclear, either).

How to punish people who try to make FatLanders "diet" in FatLand..simply tell the offenders that if another instance of this behavior occurs, they will not be welcome? But there should be some cathartic confrontation between the offenders and the offendees. How to do that and have it not sound like one of those ridiculous daytime shows...

And how do we keep FatLanders from looking too much at anti-fat healthist media sites? Perhaps that is a subject for another post.


  1. It would sure be fun to read one of those "cathartic confrontations between the offenders and the offendees. . . like one of those ridiculous daytime shows...

  2. FatLand 3 will feature that :) I'm looking forward to it, Susan.