Thursday, October 17, 2013

Winston Stark, Sandor Foreman and FatLand

The financier behind a lot of FatLand's original infrastructure was, as some of you know by now, a man named Winston Stark.

Winston Stark did not have a very strong moral underpinning. He tended to invest where he could make money. He thought he could make money on selling fat people a lot of guilt in the forms of diet pills, diet foods, diet drinks, Health Clubs/Exercise Clubs/Gyms with the message of "Get those pounds down now." He thought that FatLanders would fall for these like a ton of bricks.

He was very very wrong.

In the early days of FatLand, because of his contributions to FatLand's roads, electricity grid, farming efforts, industry, transport and other areas, the Board of FatLand let his gyms more or less alone. However, a FatLander named Sandor Foreman founded a business of his own called GymNotTrim. He emphasized very very strongly that the objective of GymNotTrim was for FatLanders to enjoy themselves and not worry about losing or gaining weight. To underscore his message, he added bar-restaurants in every GymNotTrim that sold delicious snacks of many kinds, as well as tasty drinks, some alcoholic, some not. He also added spice to GymNotTrim activities by creating Midnight Swims and ChunkyDunk Evenings, as well as competitions between FatLanders in different games and sports. GymNotTrim even boasted a library, computers and legacy board games and card games.

So, in effect, Winston Stark's Complete Fitness franchises lost so much ground to Foreman's GymNotTrim that he was pushed out. He retaliated by trying to get Foreman to merge, undercut Foreman's message on the Other Side/USA by implying that GymNotTrim was going to change its policy and emphasis (untrue) and then tried to have Foreman indicted for trying to negate the agreement between them.

Stark thought of FatLanders as ungrateful. Margaret Clancy tried to explain to Stark, who lusted after her and may even have loved her, that FatLanders did not wish to hear the message that they were inferior, which leaked out of every CompleteFitness poster and ad.

"They don't know all that I've done for them," Stark said, "and what might happen if I decide to charge them for it."

"They would be a lot more grateful if you stopped trying to shove CompleteFitness down their throats."

"That bastard (referring to Foreman) stole my clients."

"He didn't steal them. He had ideas that they liked."

"The hell he did. I'll get him yet."

You won't, Margaret thought.

But in order to find out if Stark did "get" Foreman, you have to read FatLand 3 :))

FatLand, The Early Days will be available FREE until the end of October 20!!

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